Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter.  This is not going to be your typical It's Easter so I am going to explain the importance of Easter and remind you that it is not all about the Easter bunny post.  I had something amazing happen to me and I want to share it with you.

A few weeks ago, may amazing trainer, Regina Gunn sent out a mass email to all of her clients about surprising her fiancee and his flight in Korea with a huge Easter package.  As I was reading this email, I felt God telling me to write them cards.  The more I thought about writing them cards, I felt as if God wanted me to make it personal.  He didn't want me to write one card that said a generic, Happy Easter to everyone in Kevin's flight.  Thank you for your service in Korea.  I hope you have an amazing Easter and we can't wait for you to come home, sort of thing.  I felt like God wanted me to write a card for every one in Kevin's flight.  I was so excited to do this.  I quickly reply to Regina and ask her how many people are in his flight.  She quickly responded, and her response was over 40.  I was immediately overwhelmed. 

I began diving into the Bible on my lunch break.  I prayed before writing each card.  I wanted the card to be personal.  The only thing that was the same about each of the cards was the beginning that said, Happy Easter!  My name is Keirstin, and the end that said, Happy Easter, Keirstin.  In a majority of the cards, I thanked them for their service.  And then, there was a Bible verse.  No two cards had the same Bible verse.  I wrote a little something about what this Bible verse meant.  On several of the cards I told the story of my baptism last Easter and what being baptized symbolized.  On a handful of the cards I told the story of Easter and the importance of being saved.  I prayed about how many cards to write.  Because Regina didn't know how many exactly, I needed God to tell me how many to write so that everyone got one.  Before I gave them to Regina, I prayed over the cards.  I prayed that God would make sure that each person would receive the card that they needed. 

The Lord had been all over this entire process.  He revealed passages to me that I had never read.  He gave me strength to write all of the cards in a week and a half.  He gave me the words to make each card new and fresh.  Anytime that the Lord is working in your life, the devil will invite himself into the process as well. 

The devil was working in my life through the cards as well.  He kept telling me that nobody was really going to care about these cards.  He kept telling me that the ones where I shared the story of Easter was too pushy.  He told me that the people who picked those cards would be offended.  The devil worked very hard to stop me from sending those cards.  After I gave the cards to Regina, he kept telling me that I didn't write enough and how bad it was going to look because not everyone got one.  Rightfully so... The devil doesn't want the kingdom of God to be advanced, and he knew that it was going to be through these cards.

So, do you want to hear about how God worked through these cards?

There were exactly enough cards for everyone to get one.
Each person was challenged by the card they received.
Each person is closer to God through the cards.
Each person is amazed that someone who isn't in their family, who they have never met, and probably never will meet took the time to write over 40 cards for them, and that they were all personal.  And through this, they have seen the love of God.

All of those things are straight from Kevin.

This entire process, especially hearing that there were exactly enough, reminded me of how good God is.  I was reminded of the importance of obeying His word.  I can't imagine what guilt I would be feeling now if I hadn't taken the time.  Each of their lives were changed and it was because I obeyed God.  We never have a reason to doubt God.  Any doubt you ever have about something God has told you, is straight from the devil.  The devil doesn't want you to  obey God.  The devil doesn't want you to act on God's word.  The devil just wants you to feel inadequate for the job, the devil wants you to doubt. 

The truth about the devil is that every word that comes from him will sound as if it is from God.  Because, guess what... we are inadequate.  But, we don't have to worry about being inadequate because we have God on our side.  Pastor Steven did a sermon on this concept.  I do not remember the series, the Bible reference, or the sermon title.  But, I do know that when the devil is attacking your life.  Tell him that you know that you are inadequate, unworthy, incapable, but because God is on your side, you can do anything.  Shut the devil right down.  Do not let him work in your life.

Happy Easter.  I hope you were inspired by this story.  I know that it will be inspiring in my life forever.  Just to know that there were exactly enough cards blows my mind.  God is amazing.


  1. Keirstin,
    Everyday an Airmen, Soldier, Marine, and/or Sailor face diverse and difficult situations. Whether it be a death of a friend on the battlefield, loss of a family member back home, marriage troubles, financial troubles, or just being home sick. We only have each other to lean on at times, when God falls far from our hearts.

    The other day when I received the cards you wrote for the Airmen I work with, I was overwhelmed with disbelief. I could not believe someone that none of us knew, would take so much time out of her life to hand write Easter cards. However, it was not about cards, but about sharing God's words on this Easter Sunday. Your faith and patriotism is something that I and my Airmen will strive to emulate. Thanks again! God Bless and Happy Easter!

    Very Respectfully,
    Kevin J Arndt, SSgt, USAF
    8th Security Forces Squadron
    Kunsan AB, ROK

  2. Keirstin,

    Thank you for the cards! I don't know that you will ever know how much that they are really appreciated by our Airmen! Sharing God's word with our Airmen, especially the ones who do not have experinces away from their family and homes and letting God speak to them through you, that they are always loved by Christ who died for us. Thank you for taking the time to pray about each card and Airman that it was going to! Thank you so much, God Bless You and Happy Easter!!

    Very Respectfully,
    Keri C. Embry, SSgt, USAF
    8th Security Forces Squadron
    Kunsan AB, ROK