Monday, February 17, 2014

Promise Fulfilled

In September of 2009, God made a promise to me that seemed impossible... impossible for God.  The thoughts that ran through my head were, there is no way, God is wrong, I am not His girl.  I was not qualified for the calling He had put on me. 

Those thoughts were not from God.  The thoughts placed in my heart were from the enemy.  The enemy wanted me to feel disqualified, incapable and doubtful.  Those are not thoughts from God.  But, I dismissed this calling because of the thoughts floating around in my head.

Fast forward a few years and God was still pressing on me with this promise.  But, I was still allowing the enemy speak into my life.  I still felt unqualified and incapable of the task at hand.  In 2011, God knew that I was stubborn and unwilling to budge.  He intervened and derailed the plans I had for myself, setting me on the path to fulfill His promise. 

Over the last four and a half years, I have felt as if God abandoned me, as if God had changed His mind on me, as if I was unqualified, unworthy and unable to complete the task at hand.  I have rejoiced in His provision and worshipped in His protection.  I have turned the honor and glory back to Him, when things were going well and when they were not.  I have faith to belief and lacked faith to belief. 

But, through all the ups and downs over the last four and a half years, a few things never changed.  God never gave up on me.  God never changed His mind.  God's promise was constant.  God's provision was steady.  God qualified me by calling me.  God never stopped being good.

Over 1,600 days after God called me to work in ministry, I was asked to joint he staff of First Baptist Church in Justin, Texas as the Associate Children's Minister. God showed me His faithfulness by fulfilling a promise He made to me four years, five months and one week ago.  God is still good.

My encouragement to you... Don't give up hope on a promise God has made to you.  Don't stop believing that He will fulfill a promise that He has made to you.  He who has made a promise to you, will be faithful to complete it.  Have faith.

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