Monday, March 10, 2014

Catch Up

Juggling seminary life, working two part time jobs, and managing some kind of social life, is not always easy.  To be honest, it is rarely easy.  Late nights, early mornings, endless cups of coffee... But, I wouldn't trade these days for anything.  My only regret, is that I don't have more time to write.  I really enjoy writing, sharing what God has laid on my heart, and just unloading sometimes. 

School has been great, but super busy.  I am taking 13 hours this semester.... 9 hours is considered full-time.  Yes, I am crazy.  Work is fabulous.  I am really truly loving my job.  It's too much fun to call it work.  I thank God daily for allowing me to get to work in ministry!

It's spring break.  But, I don't have much of an opportunity to take a break.  I am going to be incredibly busy researching for papers galore, studying for mid terms, and memorizing Hebrew paradigms.  Oh, the seminary life is a busy one.

I've got a few posts coming up.  Nothing too deep, I don't think, but how I feel like I'm not so average sometimes.  Even though I am a Christian woman, I don't long to be a housewife..  Even though my undergrad is in religion, seminary hasn't been a walk in the park.  And, I sometimes struggle with finding time to have quiet time with God on a daily basis.  I'm not your average seminarian.  I'm not your average Christian.  I'm just not so average.  But, I'm okay with that.

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