Sunday, December 2, 2012

Good Bye 22!

22 has come and gone.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share one last post for twenty-two.  It was an amazing year.  I learned some great things.  Here is the top ten moments of my life as a twenty-two year old.
10. I ran my first 5k this year.  Last year, I trained for my first 5k.  The week of the race, I fell down my stairs and fractured my ankle.  Finally being able to get out there and run my first 5k was a lot of fun!  The excitement surrounding races is exhilarating.  I was lucky enough to get to run the race with my whole family!
9. Code Orange Revival was twelve nights of my life that I will never forget.  My church boldly invites the Holy Spirit into our presence every weekend.  As a way to set the stage for 2012, we had a twelve night Revival where world renowned pastors, worship leaders and speakers came to speak God's word to the church.  I attended four of the twelve nights and watch the rest of the nights from home.  This picture is from eGroups night of Code Orange Revival.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to lead the way with my eStudents!
8.  One of my favorite parts of being twenty - two was being at Liberty University Online.  No, I don't actually attend classes.  Yes, I do everything from the convenience of my computer.  But, this year, because of Liberty University, I was able to find my love for theology.  I have a strong desire to know as much as possible about theology.  I'm excited to say that next year, I'll be getting my Master's in Practical Theology and specializing in Children's Ministry.  My two great loves!
7.  This year, I was able to celebrate my eGroups one year anniversary.  We've been meeting since September of 2011.  We've grown from three consistently coming to a steady 10 each week.  We've seen some come and go, but through the past year, God has blessed me with an amazing group of young ladies.  I learn as much, if not more from them than they learn from me.  They keep me young, by teaching me what WRUD means and what a selfie is.  I keep them grounded by reminding them that they don't need a boyfriend right now and God's word is more important than Gossip Girl.  I wouldn't trade my time with them for anything.  And, I'm looking forward to many many many many more years with them!
6.  I made the transition back into serving after a brief break this year. God led me to the Uptown campus. I'm so thankful that He did. I've made many friendships through being at this campus. I've seen God use me and stretch me in so many different areas of my life. I was able to realize, once again, that He is always faithful and He always provide and His plan will always come to fruition. And, sometimes things that aren't so great have to happen so that better things can happen. 
5. Student Takeover was legen - wait for it - dary!  We white water rafted, navigated a ropes course, heard God's word spoken over us, served our city and served our church together.  The time that I had with my eGroup Student Takeover weekend was a time that we will never forget.  I am grateful to have the privilege to go to a church that doesn't have a student ministry but is a student ministry.
4. Work. Yes, I love my job! I'm a nanny and it's not as easy as it looks. I do a lot more than just sit at home with a kid and watch TV.... which is what people seem to think I do. It's truly an honor to work for the family that I nanny. The kids are amazing and the parents are great. The treat me so well. This year, I took a moment to reflect on how unique our situation is and how I can see God's hand all over it. I am so thankful for their love and support in my life.
3. Celebrating New Year's in the middle of the ocean was absolutely fabulous!  I fell in love with cruises this year.  The relaxation that comes with not ever having to be anywhere.  The convience of not having to drive anywhere.  The excitement of being able to do everything that you can do on land on a boat.  Geeze!  This picture of me sums up the entire trip.  It was absolutely amazing!
2. Realizing God's plan for my life with these girls has been amazing.  Growing closer to and learning about God with an amazing group of young women was a pivotal part of being twenty-two.  We saw the good and the bad together.  We always have each others back and that's a bond that can't be broken.  I'm so thankful that I got to spend a year with these ladies.  Looking forward to many more!
1.  My favorite moment of being twenty-two was getting my first tattoo.  I wanted "Redeemed" tattooed on my wrist for three years.  Making it official this summer in Charleston was a moment I will never forget.  Better than that, was the moment that it healed, when it was no longer raised and for the first time the tattoo felt real.  It felt like it was a part of me.  I have been redeemed.  Nothing can take that away.
Overall, 22 brought me much joy and happiness.  I saw God's hand over and moving in my life on a regular basis.  I was able to take a step back and see how each moment of my life I am taking one step closer to fulfilling his greater calling for my life.  I don't want to ever get too far from Him to not realize what He is calling me to do.

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