Monday, December 3, 2012


I'm twenty-three.  That is going to take some getting used to...

Twenty-two was really an amazing year.  I grew closer to the Lord than I've ever been in my life.  I was stretched in ways that I never thought I could be stretched.  I struggled more than I thought I could ever struggle.  I laughed til there were tears in my eyes and I couldn't breathe.  Twenty-two was a year that I'll never forget.

Instead of reliving the past, I'm looking forward to what twenty-three will hold.  I never want to get ahead of God.  But, I think creating attainable goals are important.  I want to have moments this year where I know it only happened because of God, but I also want to have moments where I know I worked my butt off to make it happen. 

Twenty-Three Things I Want to Do While I'm Twenty-Three (in no particular order)... 
I probably could have made a simpler title for that, but ya know...

1. Finish my last twelve classes at Liberty University Online with a bang

2. Start grad school or seminary

3. Make and maintain a budget

4. Run two 5k's

5. Live in the moment

6. Read the entire New Testament

7. De-stress

8. Visit a new state (I have 44 to choose from)

9. Learn to check my email and social media sites no more than three times a day

10. Lose and keep off twenty-three pounds

11. Read ten books for leisure

12. Take pictures regularly

13. Laugh until I cry

14. Spend the weekend in Aiken

15. Create opportunities for God to move mightily

16. Learn to white water kayak

17. Spend some QT with Victoria before she moves

18. Follow God's lead

19. Have enough faith to believe that God can make my Sun Stand Still prayer come true

20. Visit Charleston at least twice

21. Get my second tattoo

22. Find time for me once a week

23. Live a life that glorifies God at all moments

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