Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 in Review [ Pt. 1 ]

.Redeemed. Year in Review

10. Proud Momma - This post is about two of the amazing middle school girls that I lead.  One lives in an athiest home, but reads her Bible in the closet and desires to go to church.  The other, has been a constant positive role model to the first.  I just wanted the world to know how proud of them I was, and still am!  They are amazing! [ 54 Views and Posted in May 2012 ] 

9. Yesterday - This post is about the day after my baby brother tried to kill himself.  I was a wreck.  Being the oldest sister, I did everything I could to keep it together.  I had no idea what to expect when I was walking into the hopsital and all I knew was he'd tried to kill himself.  After a stream of tweets, I posted this so everyone knew what was going on!  [ 57 Views and Posted in June 2012] 

8. Nehemiah and Me - This post was written after a difficult week, where I couldn't see how I could follow God and have a relationship with my parents.  I was beginning to feel like if I did what God was calling me to do, I was going to loose my parents.  After reading about Nehemiah, I found out that we had a lot in common.  Through skimming the pages of Nehemiah, I realized that without God strengthening me, I can't accomplish anything. [ 67 Views and Posted in November 2012 ]

7. How to Deal with Bad Ending Friendships - This post was written by one of the amazing middle school girls I lead.  She is thirteen and wrote a powerful post about how to deal with friendships that don't end well.  She had to learn what she wrote the hard way.  We all have something to learn from her words. [ 80 Views and Posted in July 2012 ]

6. Proud Momma - This post is another post about another amazing middle school girl in my eGroup.  It's about the same girl who wrote How to Deal with Bad Ending Friendships and We Should Be.  She's going to change this world.  Her hunger for God's word is empowering.  I've had many intellectual conversations with her about what is going on in the Bible and what God is doing in her life.  I'm so proud of her! [ 81Views and Posted in July 2012 ]

5. Giveaway - This post was a giveaway for the book When God writes your love story  that I studied personally, had my world rocked, lead a book study on it with a group of middle school girls and saw their worlds rocked.  The book is too good not to share. [ 83 Views and Posted in April 2012 ]

4. Lifted Hands - This post is about those days when lifting your hands in worship is the hardest thing to do.  We all have those moments when we can't bring ourselves to worship God on that intimate of a level.  But, those are the moments that we need to surrender and lift our hands in worship the most.  [ 95 Views and Posted in August 2012 ]

3. God Still has a Plan - This post was written when I was alone in my car crying about how I was convienced that I had messed up.  God couldn't use me, I had destroyed His plan for my life.  Then, I had one of those moments when God smacked me in the face, telling me that He could still use me.  You can go off My path for you.  I will get you back to the right path.  I have great plans for you.  Just trust.  That's the smack in the face God gave me. [ 107 Views and Posted in April 2012 ]

2. Giving Up is Not an Option - This post was written after I was losing someone very close to me.  They were far from God, had been making the steps to get closer to God, but one day just fell off of the face of the earth.  I realized that giving up was not an option.  I truly cared about this person and I couldn't allow what they were struggling with to effect the influence I had in their life. [ 131 Views  and Posted in May 2012 ] 

1. Yoforia - This post is a little thanks to Yoforia for going above and beyond to provide quality customer service.  It isn't the tipical .Redeemed. post, but it got a rediculous amount of views this year. [ 252 Views and Posted in May 2012 ]

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