Saturday, July 17, 2010

Prof. Horner's Eight Month Bible Reading Plan

On Thursday a co-worker and I were talking about the Bible and on the spot picked a reading plan from an app that she had to read the Bible in 8 months. I wanted to keep track of everything that learn from this experience, favorite passages, and questiosn that I have. I figured using this blog would be a wonderful way. There is no way I can loose the blog!

We are reading 10 chapters a day. The cool thing is that it isn't 10 chapters from one book, it is a chapter a day, from 10 books. We are starting with Matthew, Genesis, Romans, 1 Thessalonians, Job, Psalm, Proverbs, Joshua, Isaiah, and Acts.

To start with, these are the things I have written in my journal.

Day 1:
-I fell in love with Joshua 1:8. Those are words to live by.
-Acts 1:11 is real and true. Christ's return will be both unexpected and dramatic, just as his depature was.
-I am so grateful for the promise that is within Matthew 1:21.
-I have read through Romans before. I am enjoying reading it again and finding things I skimmed over before. Romans 1:6 says that I am among those who are caled to belong to Jesus Christ :)

Day 2:
-Love the end of Romans 2:4.
-I love Proverbs 2.

Day 3:
-1 Thess. 3:3 is real and true. God uses our unpleasant experiences to accomplish His higher purpose in us. Suffering for our faith builds character and develops faith within us. It is good to know that even in times of suffering, I am learning something and God has a greater plan. I may not know what is next, but God has a plan... and that is all that matters. I can trust in His greater plan.
-Proverbs 3. Love it.

I am so excited for the journey ahead of me. My life is about to be changed even more.

ps. stoked about tomorrows "F-Bomb" message. I heard Pastor the answer to the question I tweeted him!

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