Saturday, December 4, 2010


I have struggled with prioritizing lately. I know I am not alone. I have spent some time researching the importance of having priorities and implementing a plan. The most important thing I have researched is the importance of taking time EVERY DAY to read God's word. Delve into it. It is so rich and true. Don't push it off. Don't skim what you read. The Word of God is incredible if you take the time to read it.

This time through the Bible reading plan I am following, I have gotten the most out of the subtle truths in the Bible that we forget. Every day I read something about God's unfailing love and am overwhelmed with thanks. How good is our God! No matter what, He loves us. He has brand new mercies on us every day.

I know that in one way or another you are struggling with priorities.

Your job is scattering to prepare for the time off over the holidays. You have mounds of paperwork. You are going in early and staying late. You have a holiday dinner to plan. You have secret Santa gifts to buy. How are you glorifying God in all of this? You are working yourself too hard to where you don't have time to spend in the Word.

It is the end of the semester. How do you juggle reading your Bible with all of the assignments you have due? Don't let the Devil tell you, God will still be there at the end of the semester. You can just spend time with Him then. Luke 4:12 says we can't test the Lord! Don't test His unfailing love for you!!!

The holiday season is among us. Christmas is about the birth of Christ! Christmas is not about spending all your money on Christmas presents. Christmas is about the birth of Christ! Christmas is not about decorating your house as beautiful as possible. Christmas is about the birth of Christ! When was the last time you took a moment to pray to God and let him know how thankful you are for the Christ's life?

I know you can relate to one of the scenarios, or you are thinking of your own! Don't deny it. You are loosing sight of your number one priority today.

Pray. Repent to the Lord. Find your Bible. Look through these links, and open your Bible! They are all have Biblically sound advice.

The Importance of Quiet Time - This post walks through the importance of quiet time. It is a conversation between a few women. They walk through some steps if you are just beginning quiet time.

Your Right and Responsibility - This post walks through the importance of taking time to read the Bible. It states that being a Christian, we have the right and the responsibility to read the Bible. It walks through some things that we can gain from reading the Bible.

Priorities in the Bible - This blog posts revolves around Philippians 1:9-11. One of the sentences in this passage is "so that you can determine what really matters".

Time Management - Time is our most limited resource. We should all be well aware of this. Make the best use of your time.

The last link was the most convicting to me. What if I spent my day today doing homework and never took five minutes to open my Bible? What if today was my last day? I did not glorify God in any part of my last day. What if I spent today putting lights on my porch, decorating my apartment with poinsettias and garland, putting my Christmas tree and never once opened my Bible to thank God for the true importance of Christmas? What if that is how I spent my last day? I would have spent the entire day worshipping the Christmas that America has created, not the Christmas that God has intended.

I apologize for the length of my post. God put this on my heart to say. I hope that it allows you to evaluate where your priorities are this holiday season.

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