Sunday, August 7, 2011

Follow Pt. 1

Happy Sunday!
  1. This is my hundredth blog post!  Wow! I have come a long way.  This blog has come a long way.  It is interesting to see where this blog started, what it turned into and how popular it has become.  I have people reading from Korea, Alaska, Germany, Italy and Canada!  How cool is that! I wish the stats would show me where people are reading from in the United States. 
  2. Today is day two of the Follow series.  Last night 240 people were baptized at Elevation.  Two of those people where some of my team members.  I had the privilege of taking their children to the front row to see their mommy and daddy baptized.
  3. Bring someone to church today, please!  Invite them like crazy.  Their life will forever be changed. 
I tried to post the preview video for this series, but it wouldn't let me. Sorry!

PS. I titled this Pt. 1 because I know I will want to talk more about how God moved through this series!

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