Monday, November 19, 2012

Where it Began... Pt. 1

Pinned ImageWhen I was younger, getting my Master's degree was always one of those unachievable dreams that I had for myself.  As high school ended, I gave up the dreams of a four year university for reasons that I won't explain.  I graduated high school, went to a community college and began to settle with the reality of a two year associates degree being all that I'd obtain.  Three years into community college, I'd changed my major twice and was beginning to realize that God had greater plans for my life.  Two classes away from graduation, walking across the stage of a not so notable college with an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, God put the breaks on my plans.  God was calling me to something greater.  I took a semester off of classes and soul searched.  I applied and was accepted to Liberty University.  I began pursuing my Bachelor's in Religion.  God's hand has been all over this situation, as all of my credits transferred and any unrelated classes are counted as electives!

Now, I am 15 classes (2 semesters) away from graduating with my Bachelor's in Religion from Liberty University.  My childhood dreams of getting my Master's degree is becoming an attainable reality.  I've been praying through what this looks like in my life.  What do I study?  Where do I go?  Is the cost worth it?

What do I study?  Ideally, I'd like to study Children's Ministry.  Researching schools, this program isn't as common as I would have thought.  I'm looking into Master's in Divinity or Theology or Christian Leadership.  I've got to figure out what you do with those degrees, but they all sound so exciting and pretty legit.  Where do I go?  I don't know yet.  There are a few local schools that I've looked into.  They don't have the Children's Ministry program, but they have one or more of the other three.  Is the cost worth it?  Yes. Yes. Yes! God is calling me to this. This is a part of God's greater plan for my life.  So, yes!  The cost is worth it because God is going to do something great in and through me with this. 

Tomorrow, will be part tw of "Where it Began..."  A little preview?  It began when I asked my parents if I could live with them to save some money.

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