Monday, August 5, 2013

M.I.A No More!

I've been on quite a crazy ride over the last few months.  I haven't been so great at keeping you in the loop, so let me give you a quick run down.

Last summer, I began looking at seminary's.  Grad school had been on my mind for years.  It was one of those unattainable dreams that you have as a kid.  Until, one day... it became attainable.  I was entering my senior year of college and grad school seemed like the most logical next step.  Sometime around November, I began dedicating time to looking into schools. 

The long version of this can be found on my Why Texas post.  But just in case a quick re-cap is all you are looking for, here ya go...

In November, God said that I should go to this seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. I kind of thought that He was crazy, and gave Him three reasons I couldn't do it.  He quickly squashed all of my reasons and I began to consider SWBTS as an option.  In January, I spent a day with my best friend.  She really challenged me.  And, on my drive home, I committed to following God's lead.  In March, I applied to Southwestern and I was accepted in April.  In May, I told my parents and in June, I told the world.  Finally, in July... I packed up all of my stuff in a Penske truck and drove over 1,000 miles from North Carolina to Texas!

That's where we pick up!!  On social media, I so aptly named this journey #NCtoTX.  This week, I'll be blogging about all things #NCtoTX... the emotions leading up to the journey, the three day journey and where my head and heart are now.  It's going to be a great week!

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