Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Goals

Most close out a year by reflecting... reflecting on success and failures... reflecting on good choices made and poor choices made... reflecting on what could have gone better... reflecting happens at the close of every year.  And, as a result of reflecting, new goals are set. 

New Years Resolutions hang over our heads every year.  We set New Years Resolutions with the intentions of becoming a better person , a stronger person, a more reliable person, a more financially stable person.

Although I plan on setting monthly goals this year, I am going to set a few big picture goals. 

1. Study the New Testament in depth.
2. Believe God to achieve the impossible.
3. Pray without ceasing.

1. Pick up the telephone and call friends from North Carolina on a regular basis.
2. Bring back snail mail... doesn't everyone enjoy opening an envelope that isn't a bill?
3. Put down the phone with friends and be in the moment.

1. Get down to 175.  I won't share the how many pounds that is, but will share that it is an attainable goal.
2. Read 10 books for fun.
3. Take up a new hobby.
4. Try new things... no matter what my preconceived notion about them are.
5. Write.

2014 is the year that I am going to step outside of my comfort zone.  2014 is the year that I am not going to forget my goals until December 2014.  2014 is the year that I am going to believe God to do what culture is impossible.  2014 is the year.

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