Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What is Complaining?

Do everything without complaining or arguing.
Philippians 2:14
I searched Merriam-Webster in search of the definition of "complain".  Here is what I found...
To say or write that you are unhappy, sick, uncomfortable, etc., or that you do not like something.
To say (something that expresses annoyance or unhappiness.)
To express grief, pain, or discontent

In November, I posed the question on Facebook,
 Where is the line between talking about the not so sun shiny stuff going on in your life and complaining? Or, is there not a line?
The responses I got were thought provoking...
 When someone asks how my day was, is it complaining if I didn't have a good day?  Should I lie to not "complain"?
 Sometimes we need to share our bad days.  We need that accountability of others to pray for us and lift us up.  I think the line is where your bad day becomes gossip.
It is a matter of the heart.  It is good to share our burdens with others but at times when we tell others things with a hard heart then it becomes complaining.

I think those are all valid definitions of complaining.  I think compiling them to a longer definition will give a full definition of complaining.

Complaining is an unhappy or uncomfortable expression of annoyance, unhappiness, pain, or discontent.  Complaining can escalate quickly to gossip.  Complaining should be shared in order to grow from the unpleasant situation or circumstance.
Chime in!  What do you think complaining is?

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