Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wait Pt. 2

This week, I am sharing with you the importance of waiting in your walk with Christ.  Waiting is not easy for many of us.  It's an acquired skill that many of us have to work on over time.  Today, I would like to share with you how I have had to wait on God.

My entire life, I have desired to be a teacher.  As long as I can remember, I was playing teacher with my brothers, my friends and my dolls when I couldn't find a living being.  I was destined to be a teacher.  When I was 15, I got a job at the Boys and Girls Club working full-time in the summers and part-time during the school year.  My senior year of high school, I took a class that allowed me to have an internship in a classroom with four and five year olds.  It was perfect, right up my alley!  After graduating high school, my plan was to go to a university and major in Elementary Education.  Teaching kindergarten was my dream.

In 2008, God told me that one day I would work in ministry.  I couldn't believe this.  My life was not fit to work in ministry.  I was not living the most Christ-like life.  As nervous as I was about this call, I just as much laughed it off and assumed that God got something wrong. 

Early in 2009, I began serving in children's ministry.  If God had called me to work in ministry, I might as well start somewhere.  Passion and leadership was seen in me from various staff members of the church.  Increased responsibility happened quickly!

A few years after I first felt God call me to ministry, I was two classes away from graduating with my Associates in Early Childhood Education.  God had been pressing on me to change my major.  I continually felt as if I was making the wrong decision.  But, teaching was all that I knew.  God couldn't possibly use me in any other way.  After a series of events that only could have been orchestrated by God, I was dropped from these two classes and would have only been able to re-enroll next semester. 

Okay, I get it God... You are preparing me for ministry...
I took a year and a half off of school, waiting for God to tell me what was next.  What school?  What degree program?  What career path?  I diligently worked in a preschool for this time, waiting for God to guide my next steps.  I used this time waiting to research schools, research programs, research career paths... but God kept telling me not yet.
In the midst of this waiting, God kept reminding me that I was called to work in ministry.  Three times, staff members at my church approached me about applying in children's ministry and student ministry.  I applied three times.  Sadly, the timing wasn't right.  I wasn't even considered, even after given a high recommendation from staff. 
When I finally heard from God, there was no denying it.  I began attending Liberty University Online, majoring in Religion almost immediately.  When graduation was in sight, I began to consider what was next.  Seminary was always in the back of my mind.  But, getting my Masters degree always seemed out of reach.  I wasn't smart enough, I wasn't qualified for such a task.  Now, I am enrolled at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary getting my Masters in Divinity with a Concentration in Children's Ministry.
I am still waiting, sometimes more patiently than others, for said position in ministry.  There have been more moments than I would like to admit to that I have felt like God has abandoned me.  There have been more moments than I would like to admit to that I have felt like God has given up on me.  There have been more moments than I would like to admit to that I have felt like God has forgotten about me.  But, I am repeatedly comforted by God's Word. 
Chime In!  How have you waited in your walk with Christ?  What did you learn through waiting?
Coming Up...  Tomorrow, I will share with you what Scripture says about God's promises.  Thursday, I will share with you what you can learn while waiting on God.  

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