Friday, July 22, 2011

When You Listen to God...

I have to tell you an amazing story!  Prepare to have chills from head to toe.

Between four and six months ago, God began telling me that He wanted me in the Rock Hill/Fort Mill area.  Everyday that I would drive to work, my heart would break for that area.  I knew that this area needed God.  Ya know how sometimes things that God tells us to do don't make sense?  Often times we began to question GOD'S judgement... Kind of silly huh?

I didn't understand why I felt so strongly about this area.  I felt as if God was telling me to lead an eGroup in this area.  So, I told God one day, 'Really?  An eGroup here?  How?  No one in this area goes to Elevation.'  That day, I saw five Elevation stickers on cars.  What a way for God to confirm His need for me in this area. 

I accepted the challenge.  I began to pray about what kind of group He wanted me to lead, and figure out logistics for this group (being that I don't live near Rock Hill!). 

Let's fast forward a few months.  The weekend that Pastor Steven was going to announce the new campus, he sent a video out to leaders to tell us early.  When I read Rock Hill at the top, everything around me went quiet and I had chills from head to toe.  I didn't even know that Rock Hill was a consideration for the new campus!  I had friends who knew about my feelings toward that area calling me in shock. 

What a conformation from God!  I emailed Kelly, the eKidz director for Matthews to let her know what was going on and that I felt as if God needed me at the Rock Hill campus. 

I can't begin to express to you how excited I am.  Every time I think about Elevation:Rock Hill, my heart begins to beat faster and I want to explode with excitement. 

So, how can this apply to you? Has God ever told you to do something and you felt as if you weren't equipped with what would be needed to do that?  Have you ever felt like what God was telling you didn't make any sense?  I promise you that if you follow what God is laying on your heart, the reward will be far greater than you could ever imagine. 

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