Monday, October 8, 2012

Munching Monday

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Elevation Church started a series this weekend titled "Ghost Stories, A Not-So-Spooky Series on the Holy Spirit".  Pastor Steven opened this series with a powerful word from God on what the update that is the Holy Spirit.  See, in Exodus 32, Moses brought the law.  In Acts 2, we were sent the Holy Spirit to take Jesus' place on Earth.  The law was updated to the Holy Spirit.
The most important skill is learning how to listen to the Holy Spirit in every day life.
The greatest moments are when I receive an impression from the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit knows the ways of God.  The Spirit in me allows me to know the ways of the Lord.
Love what you just read? Want to hear more? The entire message can be found for free at 12:00, 4:00 and 8:00 (AM & PM) here, or you can download the podcast for free!

What I am munching on...
First and foremost, I am so thankful that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be my liaison between me and my Heavenly Father.  Because of the Holy Spirit in me, I am able to feel the Lord in my life, and know when to act on something.  The Holy Spirit is my conscious, reminding me not to do things that are wrong.  When I feel the Holy Spirit move in my life, I move.

A few weeks ago, I was discussing burning plows with my eStudents.  One kept mentioning 'burning' Netflix from her life because it was keeping her stuck in the lesser loser life and from living a Greater life.  But, she was very hesitant to act on the call to action.  As I was walking out of the room, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to challenge her to give up Netflix for one month.  Next thing you know, I was giving up Netflix with her as an accountability partner.

The Holy Spirit lives in each of us.  Learning to feel the Holy Spirit is something every believer needs to do. 

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