Monday, February 4, 2013

God Told Me To [ Pt. 2 ]

God told me to... I say this all the time. Sometimes, I get looked at as if I have three heads. Sometimes, people want to hear more. But, there is always a unique reaction to the statement, "God told me to..." I wanted to take a minute to explain some defining "God told me to" moments in my life.

Please read this all with an open mind. God wants to speak to you through this post. I'm merely a vessel of God, and He is using this post to speak to you. Don't read this story and not see past me. That will just lead to a missed opportunity for God to speak to you.

When God told me to lead an eGroup in Rock Hill...

I had unsuccessfully lead an eGroup for a semester.  I took a semester off of leading, to sit under the leadership of an amazing leader.  That semester was coming to an end, and I was asking God to guide me in the next direction.  I am a natural born leader, and was interested in leading an eGroup.  I knew God needed to be the center of my eGroup.

As I was in the midst of my hour long morning commute one morning, I began asking God to guide me as to if I should lead an eGroup or not.  God told me Rock Hill.  Rock Hill made no sense.  I didn't live or work near Rock Hill.  There was not Elevation campus in Rock Hill.  No one would come to my eGroup.  Right?!

That day, while about 15 minutes from Rock Hill, I saw five cars with Elevation Church bumper stickers.  Isn't God funny sometimes?  Immediately, I knew that God was serious about me going to Rock Hill. 
For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Let's fast forward a few months.  I'd been praying about this alleged eGroup.  God told me the kind of eGroup to lead.  One day, a video from Pastor Steven went out to the leaders of the church.  A video announcing the two campuses that Elevation would soon be opening.  Rock Hill and University.  What I'd been praying for months about, was actually happening.

I immediately jumped in at the Rock Hill campus and still lead the eGroup that God told me to lead  months before I knew anything about the campus that would one day be there.

And, that concludes the story of when God told me to lead an eGroup in Rock Hill. 

PS. You can read an older post about when God told me to start an eGroup in Rock Hill by clicking on this link -- When You Listen to God.

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