Wednesday, February 13, 2013

300 Posts

I was looking at the stats on my blog and realized I had posted 299 posts on .Redeemed.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share how far .Redeemed. has come in the 300th post.  300... I really can't believe it!

.Redeemed. started in July of 2010, when I set an audacious goal for myself to read the Bible in eight months and lead an eGroup about it.  I wanted to record everything that I was learning from my time in the Word.  So, I started .Redeemed.  I don't think .Redeemed. was even called .Redeemed. at the time.
... My first blog post EVER - Prof. Horner's Eight Month Bible Reading Plan
... I attended the NewSpring Leadership Conference and blogged about each speaker.  So glad that I did, because I ended up losing my notebook after blogging everything.  Happy that it is recorded on .Redeemed.
... My God Turns My Darkness Into Light was the most viewed post of 2010, with 20 views!

In 2011, I told myself I was going to blog more.  I shared some great moments with the world like...
... That time when 134 people were truly spontaneously baptized in an afternoon. 
... That time when God told me to write over forty individual cards for an Easter package being sent to my trainers boyfriend in the air force over seas.  Pretty amazing because the amount of cards I wrote was the exact number of people in his flight. 

I also shared some moments that made 2011 one of the most difficult years of my life like...
... That time when my grandpa passed away.
... That time when everything in my life sucked and I refused to give up.
... That time when I spent Christmas alone in my apartment crying all day.

In 2012, I told myself I was going to make .Redeemed. famous.  I revamped everything.  I got an email address for .Redeemed., removed my last name from twitter and started sharing my blog with the world. 
... I started Reflection Friday where I blog about what happened with my eStudents at eGroup.
... I started Sermon Sunday where I blogged my notes from church.
... I started doing blog link ups like It's Okay and Thankful Tuesday.
... I wrote about getting your self esteem back.
... This post on God still having a plan got over 150 views.

Here we are.. in 2013... 300 posts, nearly 10,000 page views [9,699 at the time of writing this], readers visiting from the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom and all over the world, and over 100 visits from google searches! 

Thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for making .Redeemed. what it is.  Thank you for sharing .Redeemed. with friends.  Thank you for giving my passion for writing and sharing the good news of Jesus a place on the blogsphere.  Thank you.  I wouldn't continue to write on .Redeemed. if it wasn't for you, the reader...

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