Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What is an eGroup?

I have had several people ask me recently what is an eGroup.  I blog about my eGroup every Friday.  I guess I should have taken some time to explain what an eGroup is before I started a series on what we do during eGroup. 

Please forgive me for not doing this sooner.

Most churches have community groups or life groups.  Elevation Church used to call them community groups.  In May of 2010, Pastor Steven Furtick did a series titled ee was about empowerment and how to find and use the gift that God has given you!  It was a powerful series.  After this series our volunteer teams turned into eTeams and our community groups turned into eTeams.  e standing for empowerment, not Elevation! 

Practically anyone can lead an eGroup.  eGroup leaders go through a training and are background checked.  An eGroup leader can lead an eGroup on anything they want.  There are running eGroups, ultimate Frisbee groups, motorcycle groups, Bible study groups, sermon series groups, book study groups and anything in between those!  eGroup leaders decide how frequently they meet and where they meet. 

eStudents is a term you will see me use on twitter.  eStudents are the eGroups for students.  We have middle school and high school eGroups. 

My eGroup is a middle school girls book study that meets every Thursday in Rock Hill.  Right now, we are reading when God writes your love storyI lead a book study on this book simply because God told me to.  When we are done with the book, we will spend the summer having fun and discussing a new topic every week.  Who knows where God will take us in the fall.

Leading an eGroup has been an amazing experience thusfar, and will continue to be an amazing experience as long as I do it.  The girls teach me something new about myself every week.  God has stretched me so far out of my comfort zone with these girls.  It has been a huge blessing to lead them.  I am so grateful that I stepped outside of my comfort zone to lead them.

Questions?  Please comment! I'd love to explain further!!

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