Monday, June 10, 2013

Singleness - Curse or Blessing?

Why do so many people consider being single a curse?  So many people walk around saying "woah is me" while they are single.  So many people get envious of their friends successful relationships while they are single.  So many people get mad and ask God, "why me?!" while they are single.  Why do so many people consider being single a curse?

In high school, I met who I thought was the man of my dreams.  I had no desire to have children prior to meeting him, but when I met him, I thought about having his beautiful babies.  I wanted to marry him and have happily ever after.  Somewhere along the way, our paths went in completely different directions.  After three and a half years, we walked our separate ways.  We haven't seen each other since.  We've talked a handful of times over the last three years, but it's just weird.

For the first year, I was the "woah is me", jealous, and asking God why it had to be me.  I was a good person, was active in church, managed to hold down a full-time job and full-time hours at school, while being successful at both.  I was a catch... right?

Somewhere in the midst of the second year, I found acceptance.  I realized that being single wasn't a curse.  I realized that being single was a blessing.  I didn't have anyone else calling the shots.  I didn't need to make room for anyone in by busy schedule.  I realized that this time being single was a blessing.  I had time to work on me.  I had time to grow closer to God.  I had time to "find myself".

As the third year is coming to a close and the fourth year of being single is approaching, I've found peace.  I'm not worried about finding "Mr. Right."  I'm more worried about becoming "Mrs. Right" and living a life that is pleasing to my husband, even though I don't know who he is yet.  I am confident in God's timing and believing that He will put my husband, my prince charming, my "Mr. Right" in my life when the time is right for both of us.

Singleness isn't a disease.  Singleness isn't a curse.  Singleness is a blessing. 

It's time to find your value and strength in Christ, instead of seeking it in a significant other.  It's time to find out who you are and figure out what you want in life.  It's time for you.  You have your whole life to spend with your significant other.  Value your "you time" now. 

Enjoy these moments.  Don't look at being single as a curse!

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