Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pastor Craig Groeschel

Pastor Craig Groeschel is the Senior Pastor of  They have locations across the United States and meet globally at Church Online.  Pastor Craig is Pastor Steven's pastor.  So, he is my Pastors Pastor.  :-)

4 Ways to Make More Than a Difference (Acts 20:22-24)
How many of you feel like God wants to use you?  God wants to do more than make a difference in our life!  In order to go where God wants you to go, you will have to go! 

1. Spirits Prompting (Acts 20:22a)
There are times when God will pull you somewhere else.  When you learn to walk with God, you will have these pullings all the time.  It may be in a huge way (like to move to another city to start a church) or in a small way (to call a friend).  Do not ignore or underestimate this pulling.

2. Certain Uncertainty (Acts 20:22b)
When you follow God, you will have "Oh Crap" moments.  We can't handle the details.  Just do it!! You have to lead by faith.  If you aren't scared every once in a while, you aren't leading by faith.

3. Predictable Resistance (Acts 20:23)
If you aren't ready to face opposition, you aren't ready to be used by God.  Every significant move of God gets criticized.  Don't worry when you are being criticized, worry when no one criticises you!!!!  If you blame yourself for the decline, one day you'll take credit for the increase!

4. Selfless Passion (Acts 20:24)
I consider my life nothing to me.  If you want to make more than a difference you need to rise to an Acts 20:24 type of thinking.  His name is far better than any name.

There are three levels of thinking.  Start at the bottom!

Level: God
Type of Thinking - "God is Good"
Enemy - The Devil
This is where you make history!!!
Level - We
Type of Thinking - "We are Good"
Enemy - The outside.  Everyone not included in "we"
Living to make a difference.
Level - Me
Type of Thinking - "I'm Good"
Enemy - Everyone
People who want to make a name for themselves or a living.  You live to be about the numbers. 

There is no room for personal branding in the Kingdom of God.  It is all about our posture and hearth.  I'm not good, I deserve hell!!

I'm not and we're not - But He is!

Psalm 100

This was amazing sermon.  The part that hit home the most was the levels of thinking.  Many of us reside between the bottom two.  We need to find ourselves in the top level.  It isn't about us!


  1. Quite a few times i've had a prompting to call or visit someone and for whatever reason i didn't then, regrettably, learned later i should have. Thankfully i'm getting better about acting on the prompts.

    There's a lady in our group who lives in Raleigh. She has a vision to establish a full Elevation campus in the Raleigh area. It's an audacious vision and requires audacious faith. Elevation is assisting her but there is resistance in a variety of ways. However, she wants to make a difference with God and is persevering.

    BTW: If you know any students from Charlotte attending school in Raleigh and can pass their name/names to me it would be appreciated. We're putting together a list to contact when the first Elevation meeting is set.

  2. BTW: i subscribed to your blog but haven't received any updates.

  3. I did some changes to the "Follow By Email" section. Let me know if you get updates now. :-)