Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pastor Perry Noble

This year at the Newspring Leadership Conference, Pastor Perry Noble was the first speaker.  Pastor Perry Noble is the pastor at Newspring Church.  Newspring has five locations across South Carolina.  His church is 11 years old and they average 12,000 people in attendance in a weekend.

Five Things We Need to Create a Church That is on Fire... John 2:1-11

1. An awareness of presence (John 2:1-2)
Jesus never showed up and the place got more boring! When the presence of Jesus is there, there is potential for a miracle.  Focusing on the presence of Jesus will make us fearless.  Why fear something so small when our God is so big?  We don't want to do church without Jesus.

2. A desperation for His voice (John 2:3-5)
We are more desperate for a code or a fix than just letting God do His thing.  The Bible says to do whatever He tells you!  We need to spend more time on our face asking Him what He wants our church to do.

3. A realization of what He has given us (John 2:6)
The vessel for the miracle was already in the house.  We focus too much time on what we do not have.  Be faithful and use what we already fave!  God has planted potential for a miracle in our House!

4. A desire to work hard (John 2:7-10)
Jesus told them to fill the jars.  It would have taken them hours and hundreds of trips to fill all the jars.  They were willing to work hard.  We don't think about working hard.  The servants were willing to work for the miracle.  It wasn't easy to fill the jars.  We need to be willing to perspire!  We have to be ready to make tough calls and have difficult conversations.

5. A desire for people to see Him clearly (John 2:11)
You have to talk to Jesus and use His name!  The amount of wine they had amounted to 908 bottles.  The reason He made 908 bottles of wine wasn't to have 908 bottles of wine.  It was so they would see Him clearly!  Who could deny that??  We are a temporary container.  Life is a gift.  Eternity is reality.  If our life sucks - we probably had a part in that!

Can people walk into the church and just see Jesus?

All of that is directly from my notes.  It is all straight from Pastor Perry Nobles mouth.  It was an amazing sermon.  This can apply to anyone.  A church staff member, a church volunteer, a small group leader, or just someone who attends a church! 

As an Elevator, number 3 made me think of The Code, "We think inside the box." 

Tomorrow, I will speak about Pastor Steven Furtick's message! 

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