Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Forgiveness is Not...

How To Hug A Vampire

This weekend at Elevation Church, we had the priveledge of hearing from Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA. His sermon was so powerful, that I had to spend the week exploring it on the blog. I hope you are able to gain something from it. If you are inspired by anything you read, please stop by the Elevation Network to hear the message. It plays every four hours all week!

Forgivness is Not...
  1. ... denying or diminishing the sin.
  2. ... enabling.
  3. ... a response to an apology.
  4. ... covering up sin.
  5. ... forgetting.
  6. ... trust.
  7. ... reconcilliation.

Pinned ImageForgiveness is not a reponse to an apology. We are still called to forgive even if they don't apologize.

Forgivness is not trust. Trust is gained slowly and lost quickly.

Forgiveness is not reconcilliation. You can forgive without a friendship. Reconcilliation takes two people - the sinner has to apologize and the victim has to forgive.

I love that Pastor Mark said forgiving is NOT forgetting. We can't forget. We aren't supposed to forget. I believe that forgetting is naiive. Pastor Mark shared a time that a women in his church had been victimized by her father. She forgave him and then allowed her children to go spend time with him alone. He victimized her children. Forgetting is naiive.

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