Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sermon Sunday

How To Hug A Vampire
How to Hug a Vampire Week One
Matthew 16:18          Matthew 18:15     Galatians 6:1-5

Last weeks sermon on Saturday?!

This weekend, Pastor Steven Furtick opened up what I imagined to be a funny series with a hard hitting sermon at Elevation Church.

- Put down the magnifying glass and pick up a mirror.
- Before you can reach out to anybody else, you've got to define your own property lines.
- It is not unbiblical to draw boundaries in relationships.  Boundaries are biblical.
- Frustration is the gap between what I expect and what I experience.  You can lower expectations or let God fill the gap.

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Pinned ImagePersonal Reflection: Pastor Steven did it again!  It was so hard to pick a few points to write on here.  Everything Pastor said was noteworthy.  It was an amazing sermon.

I loved when Pastor talked about boundaries.  We all need boundaries in relationships, and I have been working at creating healthy boundaries with a few people in my life.

I, also, loved when he talked about frustration.  I have been frustrated with my current circumstances.  It is because I am holding onto two things. I need to pick one to let go of... what I expect or what I am experiencing.  I am going to let go and let God fill the gap.  I will not lower my expectations for my life.  Because, if I have high expectations, God has higher!

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