Friday, May 11, 2012

Reflection Friday

If you are new to .Redeemed., I lead a middle school girls eGroup Thursday evenings with the girls is one of my favorite parts of the week. They are an amazing group of girls and they teach me as much as I teach them.

Icebreaker: There was no icebreaker this week, because the girls spent fifteen minutes begging me to tell them about the super amazing IMPACT event this summer for the Elevation Students.  I gave hints, but let the girls figure it out! It was fun.

Discussion Highlights: This week, we discussed chapter fourteen of when God writes your love story. This chapter is titled "Too Late?".

- What is the difference between mental, emotional and physical purity?

- Is it okay to have sex before marriage?

- What does it mean to truly repent?

Closing: I closed the evening in prayer.  I asked the Lord to give the girls courage to repent of any sins they need to be forgiven for.  I asked the Lord to give them the strength to stay pure until they are married, even if it is not what our culture says is normal. 

During the Week: We are attending a Knights game tonight.  It's pretty exciting that our eGroup has grown enough to were we can group rate for all of our events!  The girls will be reading chapter fifteen.  This is the last chapter of the book!  The girls were given a card to write to someone in the eGroup to encourage them on the road ahead of them!
Next Week: We will discuss chapter fifteen during eGroup next week.

Pinned ImagePersonal Reflection: This week was great!  The girls were focused, after they figured out what the eStudents summer event is.  We spent a majority of our time discussing

Personal Highlight: We had ten girls, and seeing a room full of people never gets old.  Having a steady stream of middle school girls come together once a week to hear what the Lord has put on my heart to say is an experience that I could not enjoy more and be more honored to do.  The girls have so much that they want to know about walking with Christ and it makes me so happy!  I have the opportunity to be a part of shaping their future.

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