Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This post will be a bit different from the type of post that you are used to reading on .Redeemed. 

Yoforia is an amazing place to get frozen yogurt.  My roommate and I have one less than a mile from our house.  We love the convenience of having it so close.  We go to this Yoforia location at least once a week. 

My roommate always gets Taro with fruity pebbles.  Two weeks ago, we went in and they did not have fruity pebbles.  My roommate was very upset when one of the employees told her they would no longer be ordering fruity pebbles, being that she was the only person who got it. 

Side note - I am slightly obsessed with twitter.

I came home and twitted @Yoforia to let them know that we were upset about the lack of fruity pebbles.  Within fifteen minutes, they had tweeted me back with apologies, let me know they would look into it, and that they would be in that Friday.  I tweeted our thanks back. 

That Friday, my roommate and I returned expecting fruity pebbles.  We got there, and there were no fruity pebbles.  I quickly got on twitter and let them know.  I did not receive a response to this tweet.

The next Monday, my roommate and I were going to Yoforia.  I tweeted and asked if they would have fruity pebbles.  While we we were in the store, they called the location and asked if they had fruity pebbles.  They tweeted me back apologized for not having any.
My excited roommate for some fruity pebbles.

Later in the week, they tweeted me to let me know that they would be keeping a box in the back just for my roommate and I. 

How freaking amazing is this?!  I really wasn't trying to start a big hullabaloo, but the main reason we went to this frozen yogurt place was because they had fruity pebbles.

This Friday, my roommate and I went.  There were fruity pebbles, and my roommate was ecstatic.  The staff was very nice to us.

We tweeted our appreciation to whoever is behind the @Yoforia account.

Ahhh. The power of social media!  Business, get with it!  If you don't have a facebook page and a twitter, you need one!  Customers love a way to get in touch with you to thank you for doing good and let you know if things aren't up to par.

Yoforia - Thank you for getting fruity pebbles at the Myers Park location.  Thank you to the Myers Park location staff for always being kind to us.  We were hooked from the beginning when there were fruity pebbles and fabulous music playing.  But, y'all went above and beyond by making sure we had fruity pebbles.  We will forever be loyal customers of Yoforia!

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