Monday, July 9, 2012


This week, I am enjoying the beautiful, wonderful, amazing Charleston, South Carolina.  I have a week off of work and I am taking advantage of that time.  One of my best friends lives in Charleston, so I knew I was going to spend some time with her on my time off.  Turns out, my other best friend will be in Charleston at her parent's beach house for the week!  How perfect!!? 

I am beyond excited to have a week to relax.  I got into Charleston last night and am enjoying all things hot and beachy as you read this.  I am writing this July 5th. 

Pinned ImageWhile I am away, you will have the Proud Momma post of the month, and two posts from that amazing gal.  Please show her lots of love by leaving comments on her posts that go up Wednesday and Friday.

Charleston is my favorite place to vacation.  I am not a fan of Myrtle Beach in any way.  I love the history and culture of Charleston.  I am a beach gal all the way.  The planner in me takes a vacation when I take a vacation.  I am satisfied chilling on the beach the entire vacation.  I hope that's what I do this week. 

Where is your favorite place to vacation?  Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?  Do you prefer an itinerary or just go with the flow?

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