Monday, July 30, 2012

Who am I?

The reader family of .Redeemed. has exploded over the last few months.  It is amazing.  Each post is getting between 20 and 30 views.  For you seasoned bloggers, that may not seem exciting, but it is exciting to me.  My words are being read across the world.

I wanted to take some time over the next few days to formally introduce myself to all the new readers, tell you why I write and introduce the new format of .Redeemed.

My name is Keirstin.  I live in Charlotte, North Carolina but call Aiken, South Carolina home.  I am the oldest of three.  I love my parents.  I have been in the child care field since I was 15.  I am currently a nanny to two beautiful children.  I consider it a blessing to get to be a part of their lives.  I attend, give and serve at Elevation Church. 

I first attended Elevation in March of 2009 and was uneasy about the experience.  The VIP volunteer who called me that week asking me about my experience is the reason that I am still at Elevation.  In September of 2009, Pastor Steven preached a message titled Student Takeover.  The words that God gave him to preach, changed my life.  I accepted Christ that day.  In February of 2010, I began volunteering in eKidz.  Easter of 2010, I was baptized.  I was a part of the launch team of the Rock Hill campus in September of 2011.  I am now the eKidz Coordinator at Elevation - Uptown.

I have one of those ordinary stories before Christ.  I attended a Methodist with my best friend my entire life.  I wasn't addicted to drugs or alcohol or anything.  I was a pretty good kid growing up.  I did everything I did to fulfill my own needs; fulfillment through boys, fulfillment through food, and fulfillment through shopping.  The moment I realized that I couldn't be completely fulfilled in life without Christ, my whole life changed.  Although my story is ordinary, it is still a story of life change, not insignificant in the eyes of God and is totally worth sharing to the world.

Other important things to know about me - My favorite colors are pink and orange.  I have a tattoo, it's new and it's very exciting to be able to say I have one!  I love living in the south.  I am a beach bum who wears Rainbows year round.  Anything below 75 is cold to me.  I lead the most amazing middle school girls eGroup.  Death terrifies me, you can go ahead and give me some lecture on how if I am a Christian I have nothing to fear.  I'll give you the lecture back that everyone who I have ever seen die has suffered a slow miserable death.  Afterlife doesn't scare me.  I am majoring in Religion at Liberty University Online with plans to graduate in Summer 2013.

Join the Conversation - Tell me a little bit about yourself.  Do we have anything in common?

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