Saturday, July 14, 2012

We Should Be...

Today's post comes to you from a girl in my eGroup. Her name is Katelyn. She is thirteen years old, volunteers in eKidz and attends Elevation - Rock Hill. Katelyn makes time for God each day. She passionate about telling others about Christ's love. After many conversations with Katelyn through "Followers of God: Hunger Games", I fell in love with everything that came out of her mouth. She is wise beyond her years, and I couldn't miss out on sharing her words with you! 

We Should Be... 

One of the things that bothers me the most in life is how people take advantage of so many things that God has given them.  God sent His one and only Son down to die for us so we could be with Him.  Most people take advantage of that and don’t even think about it or thank God for it.

Pinned ImageMost people don’t think about it, but we should be thankful to have money, shelter, food, and a country where we are religiously free and safe.  In others countries they don’t have anything and they have to follow one religion or they are killed.

God made us to shine a light in this world and to show people about him, but most people get caught up in all of their worldly desires that they don’t reflect the light of God.  God should be our biggest desire.  It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor as long as you believe in God.

If Jesus were to come back today He wouldn’t take only the people with the most money to heaven. Yes, I know money is important but it shouldn’t be the center of our life, God should.  We should praise God and thank him everyday for the things that people think are little to us, but they could change another persons life.  We should be living our lives with God in the center of our life.  We should be tithing at our church and we should be praying and thanking God for everything that we have each day.  We should be in His Word and be thankful to have His Word.  We need to be giving more than we are receiving.

You could donate to help feed kids in Africa or to a hospital for the families that don’t have enough money to cure their child.  If you live without taking advantage of what God has given you that He could take away any second then he will glorify you.


If you aren't inspired by this thirteen-year-olds awareness to what the Bible says, then I don't know what can inspire you.  Everything she has written is biblically sound information.  These are all things that we should be doing, but get lost in the motions of life.  Obedience to God's Word should always come first in our life.

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