Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dressed for Christ

Pinned ImageThis week, I was having a really great conversation with my roommate.  She went on a road trip to Raleigh to hear her dad preach.  Her four hour drive home was filled with good Pandora music, windows down and a powerful revelation from God.  She isn't into blogging or writing, so I told her I would share her smack in the face with y'all!

Do you have a position that makes you want to look presentable in your community?  Do you ever go out looking like a raggamuffin and are scared that you are going to run into someone important?  You want to represent what you stand for well, right?

Whenever my roommate and I go out, we always wearing a t-shirt and gym pants.  We'll go out looking like bums on a regular basis.  She just got a job in the military.  She'll be moving in a few months to Texas and will go in as an Officer.  She was thinking about how when she moves, she'll want to look a bit nicer when just going grocery shopping, to represent her branch well.  Makes sense, right?

As Christians, we are part of the only thing in this world that is eternal.  We hold the information to a new life.  But, do we walk around presenting ourselves as Christians?  When we go out with our friends, are we showing everyone who we are in Christ?  When we are driving, are we showing the world how Christians are different?  When we are talking to our friends, are we showing them what it means to be a Christian? 

Very rarely, do we show the world who we are in Christ through our actions.  On Sundays, our actions and words are honoring to God.  But, Monday - Saturday, we use foul language, we show too much skin and seldom do we honor God with our behavior. 

We must start dressing ourselves, spiritually, physically, mentally and verbally to represent our Heavenly Father well.  Actions speak louder than words.  Our poor decisions speak mounds to those around us who are far from God, as do our good choices.

What changes do you need to make to begin representing Christ through your actions?

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