Tuesday, January 8, 2013

God Told Me To [ Pt. 1 ]

God told me to... I say this all the time.  Sometimes, I get looked at as if I have three heads.  Sometimes, people want to hear more.  But, there is always a unique reaction to the statement, "God told me to..."  I wanted to take a minute to explain some defining "God told me to" moments in my life.

Please read this all with an open mind.  God wants to speak to you through this post.  I'm merely a vessel of God, and He is using this post to speak to you.  Don't read this story and not see past me.  That will just lead to a missed opportunity for God to speak to you.

When God told me to quit my job...

I'm going to take you back to nearly two years ago.  I was working at a preschool.  I loved everything inside of my classroom; my co-teacher, my kids, and my parents.  I truly loved everything inside of my classroom.  The moment I stepped outside of my classroom, or a co-worker called my classroom, that love turned to hate.  I was miserable.  Toward the end of my time at the preschool, I would have to be relieved from my classroom to go cry in the bathroom. I would sit in my car and cry on my lunch break, and I would cry the entire way home.  I was miserable.

I felt like God kept telling me to stay.  I didn't know why God was putting me through this.  I was miserable.  I believed that he felt my pain.  But, He didn't seem to be helping me.
For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weakness, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are...
Then one day, it was worse than ever.  I had just returned to work from a week off after my grandpa passed away.  No one was speaking to me, because I had taken more than the given bereavement days.  I was written up by my bosses boss for taking too much time off!  I cried out to God.  How could they do this to me?!  What in the world?!  I said that I would take the time off unpaid, but I needed more days than the three given.  I worked that day and the next day.  I spent every free moment praying, asking God for guidance and discernment.
Sunday evening, God told me to quit my job.  God told me to act in faith and just do it.  God told me not to plan. God told me to quit my job.
I told my parents what I was going to do.  What a fun conversations.  They did everything they could to talk me out of it.  It didn't make sense to them.  Shoot, it didn't make sense to me
Monday morning, I turned in my two weeks notice.  Monday afternoon, I sat down with my favorite family in my amazing class.  I wanted her to know the truth before some terrible rumors got out.  Right on the spot, she asked me to be her nanny.  Holy goodness! 
That is the family that I nanny for still.  That was May of 2011.  God is faithful.
And, that concludes the story of when God told me to quit my job.

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