Saturday, January 5, 2013

Week in Review

Week in Review... a new series of posts about how I'm working toward achieving my 23 goals while 23, what I'm reading in my Bible and anything else monumental I'd like to share with you.
This week I...
... Rang in the New Year at a sassy and classy New Years Eve Party where I made some wonderful new friends! I'm in the back with the black and white dress!
... Read over two hundred pages of a new book that I downloaded on my iPad for free! (Working on goal 11)
... Took a nice hot bubble bath after my first work out of 2013 and got my hair did and got a massage!  (Working on goal 22)
... Paid for my second to last semester of classes at Liberty University OnlineThanks Grandma!  (Working on goal 1)
This week in my QT with God...
... I started Start Your Day Right.  It's a fourteen day devotional by Joyce Meyer. 
... Realized how powerful my God is.  He will raise my valleys, lower my mountains and level rough land - Isaiah 40
... Realized how great my God is.  He has given and will give me all the strength I need in every situation - Psalm 18
... Realized how much I need my God.  When Jesus, the son of God, walked on Earth, even He was tempted by Satan.  When Jesus asked, at once, Simon and Andrew followed.  When Jesus, walked on Earth, he took time to get away and pray.  If Jesus can be tempted, so can I.  If Simon and Andrew can drop everything, so can I.  If Jesus needs to get away and pray, I surely do!  - Mark 1

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