Thursday, January 3, 2013


Recently, I was listening to the radio.  They were having people call in.  The topic was, "What did you not write in your script?  But, it worked out for the better?"  What a great blog topic!

When I think about what was not in my script, but worked out for the better there is a long list. 

... when I was sixteen, I got involved with a boy.  He was the first guy I've ever looked to and thought I want to have his babies!  My script was wanting to marry him, live happily ever after and make a family together.  What wasn't in my script was us growing apart and at nineteen, breaking up and being unable to speak to each other.  But, it worked out for the better!  My life is going in a completely different direction now, and I wouldn't be doing all these things if I had settled down and married him.

... I grew up thinking I was going to be a teacher.  I forced my best friend to play school day in and day out.  My script was becoming a kindergarten teacher and being a part of shaping lives.  What wasn't in my script was being two classes away from graduation, and feeling called to change my major from Early Childhood to Religion.  But, it worked out for the better!  Knowing that God is going to use me greatly through a religion degree is an amazing feeling.

... I left my Elevation Church campus to launch a new campus.  My script was to do anything and everything I could for that campus, being a part of life change and doing some great things because God led me there.  What wasn't in my script was being terribly let down, when it didn't work out for me at that campus.  But, it worked out for the better!  Because I left that campus, God led me to another campus where I've faithfully served for a year and can't wait to see what else is in store!

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Isn't it funny how the script that we spend so much time writing for ourselves rarely comes to fruition?  We spend so much time planning what our lives are going to be like according to the script that we write for ourselves.  But, in actuality, things changed. 

We miss an opportunity.  We get called to something greater.  We take the easy route. 

What did you not write in your script?  But, worked out for the better?

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