Saturday, September 18, 2010

Francis Chan

Francis Chan founded Cornerstone Church in Simi Valey. He has been there for 16 years, but recently felt as if God was calling him to step down from the church. Francis Chan has written several amazing books. (Crazy Love is increadible!)

The majority of Francis' sermon was him on his knees praying to God. It was so inpsiring for me to watch him do this. A few of the Bible verses that he spoke from were Jerimiah 9:23 (Let's boat and brag about having the opportunity to know Him.), Ephisians 6, Joshua 14:7, Philippians 1:27-28, James 5:15, 1 Peter 4:11 (Do not be surprised), Numbers 14:11, and Acts 4:13. It is all about knowing Jesus. When we were kids we left chuch knowing we can do anything with God. Why do we not believe that anymore? Following Jesus is goign to be hard, but we have to hold on to hope. God hears our prayers, we must know and rejoice in that!

I have to say for me, Francis' sermon was one of the most inspiring for me. I have a had time praying in public and out loud. I feel as if praying is a personal experience between God and I. Throught all of Francis' sermon I could tell that the Holy Spirit was inside of him, and was moving him in increadible ways. I love that!

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