Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pastor Steven Furtick

Pastor Steven Furtick is amazing! :-) He is the Lead Pastor of this really sweet church called Elevation. At the age of 16, he accepted Christ and God gave him the vision of Elevation. The mission statement of Elevation church is to reach people far from God and fill them with life in Christ. He just recently wrote a book called Sun Stand Still on Joshua 10. :-)

Pastor preached from John 2:1-5 and Mark 11:1-6. I do not know if he titled the sermon, but I would title it JUST DO IT

We must add the phrase "Jesus told me to" to our vocabulary. If no one has laughed at your vision lately - You are not dreaming big enough. In the passage from John, the wine symbolizes the Holy Spirit and the cerimony symbolizes the church. Immediant obedience is under rated God will put everything in your life to do just what He told you to do... in John 2 the colt was right there. Do it like it has already been done, becuase it has! His example for this was he was watching The Office one time, across the screen came a weather advisory for snow. He became so upset because numbers were going to drop that weekend at church. Then, he remembered that he was watching the show on DVR. IT HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE! It is all about our faithful God. He already did it. Jesus already rose from the grave! Build your faith on a faithful God. No matter how big or small "it" is, God told you to do it, so... DO IT!

It was really cool for me to hear Pastor speak somewhere besides Elevation. I needed that reminder about how priveledged I am to have the opportunity to serve and woship at his church. He is an amazing leader, and an increadible speaker. This sermon was another inspiring sermon for me! It was a reminder of why I went on to start an eGroup. :-)

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