Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pastor Perry Noble

Pastor Perry Noble was the first of seven amazing speakers. Pastor Perry founded and is the senior pastor of Newspring Church. I visited Newspring a few months ago. He is an amazing speaker.

Before God can do something great with you, He must do something great in you. I loved when he said this. God has got to move inside of you, before He can do anything great with you. God is doing something very great inside of me.

He preached from Joshua 5:13-6:5. He said that the man in this passage was an Old Testament sighting of Jesus. I never thought of that when I read through Joshua. He said you have to recognise the who, what and how. If you have not been, or are not willing to be, uncomfortable, you will end up unfaithful. If you haven't had an 'Oh Crap!' moment, you haven't heard from God. You don't have time not to get alone with God. You must listen to God and do (Joshua 5:15). Jesus was testing Joshua's obedience when he asked Joshua to take his shoes off. If Joshua had not been able to take his shoes off, then Jesus would not have been able to trust his obedience with the plan He had for him.

I loved what he said about having an 'Oh Crap!' moment. Because, when God told me I needed to start an eGroup, I definitely had an 'Oh Crap!' moment.

Rejoice in Him, not your activity. He brought you to where you are. Thank Him for that!

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