Friday, September 17, 2010


Tuesday, Kelly Draddy called me to invite me to the Newspring Leadership Conference on Thursday (today/tomorrow). Jennifer let me have the day off. (All the credit goes to God on that one).

I have so much I want to say about this experience, but I am going to make this post brief because it is late, and I need sleep...

Today was incredible. God rocked me world. We heard from Pastor Perry Noble, Pastor Mark Driscoll, Pastor Jud Wilhite, Pastor Judah Smith, Francis Chan, Pastor Steven Furtick, and Pastor Andy Stanley. I would have to say that each speaker rocked my world in a different way. They all brought amazing messages.

It was such an honor to set with some of the best leaders at Elevation Church. That was an amazing experience in itself.

I am praising God tonight for such an amazing experience. I am thanking Him for His plan always being the highest. :D

PS. I do have an updated blog on my reading ready to be typed. That will be up on Saturday.
Also, Saturday... I will be posting my take on each Pastor's sermon and how it rocked my world, as well as what I plan to do after hearing their sermon!

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