Saturday, September 4, 2010

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

I hope that you are doing well. I am doing great! I was wrestling with the idea of starting my own eGroup. I did not know why God put that on my heart. I am an eTeam leader, juggle school and work, and try to have a social life. So, as a way to meet my needs and God's needs, I searched The City for an eGroup that I could join. I emailed five eGroup leaders of groups in my area that seemed interesting to me. NONE OF THE GROUPS MET ON DAYS OR TIMES THAT I COULD. So, basically God slapped me in my face. He said "Keirstin, I told you I want you to start a group. Not join a group. You can reach more people by starting one. This is late one night this week. I message Jay Rabon, the eGroup guy. He sets me up on The City. All I had to do was enter the details of the group! I am a little nervous... But, very very excited about what God is going to do through me with this group!

I am way behind on my reading. I hope to find some time this weekend to get back on track. I finished Mark this week!

Have a lovely Labor Day weekend.

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