Saturday, October 22, 2011

Busy Busy!

I apologize for my absence over the last few weeks.  I have been crazy busy!  So, let me take a minute to update you on the world of Keirstin.

Elevation - Rock Hill:  I am so honored to get to be a part of this move of God.  Every weekend, walking down the halls to see classrooms full of children, makes my heart melt. I can't believe that I get to be a part of this.  I can't believe that God called me to do this!  It is amazing.  I love First Experience (Elevation style Volunteer Orientation) weekends!  I love walking new volunteers around and getting them plugged into an area they are interested in!  It is great!!!

Rock Hill Middle School Girls eGroup:  I will be completely honest.  When I got Jamie's email asking me to lead the middle school girls eGroup in Rock Hill, I was a bit skeptical.  How would I relate to these girls?  Would my goal for the group be too advance?  Why me?  But, now?  Ah! I am so happy that I said yes.  They are the best group of middle school girls!  For the last two weeks we have been reading Bible verse after Bible verse about God's love; how He loved us, how commands He commands us to love, how to apply it to our lives, etc.  It is great.  We have one more week of reading about God's love and then we dive into the book When God Writes Your Love Story.  This book is going to shape the next 10 years of their live.  This book is going to shape their opinion of men.  This book has potential to start a revolution in their schools.  I can't wait!

Goals Check Up:  Blue is from my five month check up.  Orange is for my 10 month check up.

Career Goals:
1. Find a job that is spiritually, intellectually and emotionally fulfilling.
Not yet. Note previous posts about my job. I am making the best out of the situation I am in now. God isn't ready for me to move on job wise yet.
I currently have what I would consider the best job in the world.  I love the family that I nanny for.  I love getting to spend my days with the two cutest kids in the world.  I love getting to build a firm educational foundation for my favorite girl in the world.  I love the parents.  They are the best bosses that I could ever ask for.

Educational Goals:
1. Make all A's and B's in my last two semesters at CPCC
Grades are not in yet, but I should make almost all A's and B's.
I did not do so hot Summer semester.  I got an A and a not so hot great.  And then, God decided He had other plans for me.  So, there wasn't a fall semester.
2. Graduate from CPCC in December 2011
Still on track!!
As stated previously, God had a different plan for this goal.  I will not be graduating in December.  I will not be getting my degree in Early Childhood Education. 
3. Make a plan for furthering my education
Not even close to accomplishing this one yet. 
And, I believe God thought this was the most important of the goals.  I am currently looking into different schools and different programs. My options are limitless at this point. 

Financial Goals:
1. Build my savings account
Yes! I am putting 10% of each paycheck into savings EVERY PAYCHECK! Get it girl!
Starting in November, I will begin putting 20% of every paycheck into savings.  I am working on saving up for a new car.  So, this is the only way possible!
2. Start paying the bills my parents are paying for meYes! Mommy and Daddy are no longer paying any bills for Keirstin! I'm a big girl now!  Still complete on this goal!
Additional goal I set for myself - After posting this, God put it on my heart to increase my tithing. I am tithing 20% of each paycheck to Elevation Church. I love this! I am going above and beyond, and the sacrifices I have had to make have been well worth it! I love knowing that my money is doing something!
I am still tithing 20%.  :-)  Still worth it!!

Personal Goals:
1. Lose 30 pounds and keep it off!
Yikes! Nah. I was close then fell of the wagon.
Still off the wagon here, but back to working on it!!
2. Run my first 5k
I am currently training for my first 5k.  I am following the Couch to 5k plan!  I am registered to run in the Reindeer Romp in Rock Hill on December 3rd!!!!!
3. Stop eating fast food on a regular basis
Same thing. Had stopped, then fell of the wagon.
Have a job where I don't get a lunch break is helping with this!  Since we are going on a cruise for Christmas, I am working as hard as I can to be in good shape by then.  I am not eating fast food on a regular basis anymore.  I had fast good ONCE this week! :-D
4. Work out at least three times a week
Again. Same thing. Joined Gunn's Fitness. Was going three times a week and kicking butt, then fell of the wagon. Still have 7 months to change this one around!
I worked out three times this week, and plan on bumping that up to 5 or 6 days next week.

Relational Goals:
1. Get to know my brothers better
Working on it...
Yikes!  This one is not going so well.  I hate excuses, so I won't give you mine.
2. Gain an understanding on my parents resistance to church
Not doing so well on this one. 
3. Visit my grandparents at least four times
I have visited twice already! :-)
Well, this just breaks my heart.  I made it to see them four times before Philip passed.  The foruth being the day he passed. I miss him every day.
4. Visit Victoria at least four times
I have visited her twice already!!
Check!  We have seen each other four times!  Maybe more than that!  And, more visits are in the work. 

Spiritual Goals:
1. Gain a better understanding of the Old Testament
Not yet.
2. Learn from my New Testament class
Nothing more to add to this, being that the class is over.
3. Finish the 8 month Bible Reading Plan
4. Finish Sun Stand Still
Yes! Yes! Yes!!!
5. Have a more personal relationship with God
Working on it!
My relationship with God gets better daily.  It is amazing.  When you turn off the radio, turn off distractions, and actually take time to listen to God, YOU CAN HEAR FROM HIM! 
6. Learn to follow God's direction without hesitation
Daily struggle, but it is getting easier. God has asked me to stay at Chesterbook, and I am. I do not know why He wants me there. But I am there.
What a blessing.  I stayed at Chesterbrook until He gave me peace about leaving.  Then, He blessed me with an amazing job.  Also, about 9 months ago, I felt like He told me to lead a group in Rock Hill..  I thought He was crazy... and, I am doing it now!! 
7. Serve on at least three Outreach projects
Thank you Love Week! I served for Samaritan's Feet, made care baskets for first time moms, and served parents of children with Down Syndrome. I also donated to a project the eGroup was working on!
I have not served on any other Outreach projects, but the eGroup and I will be discussing plans for this next week.
8. Become a better eTeam leader for Host Services
I am unsure on if I should cross this off or not. This is an interesting, vague goal that I set for myself. I assume that someone thinks I have become a better leader because I was asked to become a Coordinator. I still have a lot of room to grow!
Still feel the same about this goal.  It was very vague.  But, I must have improved myself.  I stepped up as Host Services Coordinator.  Then, I was asked to be eKidz Coordinator at Rock Hill. 
9. Join an eGroup for the first semester of 2011
Thank you, Nicki Koziarz for letting me in! I seek so much truth from her, and gain so much truth from her. 
Check!  I joined an eGroup.  I learned so much from Nicki.
10. Lead an eGroup for the second semester of 2011
Can't wait!
Check!!  See what I wrote before the goal check up!

Q & A - I need you to comment or email with more questions!  I loved doing the Q & A posts. 

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