Saturday, October 1, 2011

Reflections of #NLC2011

First and foremost, I must thank Jessica Bealer for inviting me to NLC.  I have to thank Pastor Steven and Chunks Corbett for investing in my leadership by taking me to NLC.  I have to thank Frank and Jessica Bealer for taking a crew of Rock Hill elevators, and treating us to breakfast and dinner. 

It was truly an honor to be invited by Elevation Church two years in a row.  It was humbling to think that out of all of the leaders at Elevation Church, I was a part of the crew that they thought deserved to be invested in through a day of listening to seven of the countries greatest Pastors.

I need to thank Pastor Perry Noble for opening Newspring Church up to me and gathering seven amazing speakers to preach!  I need to thank Newspring Church volunteers for being amazing.  The day went so smoothly because of y'all.  Thank you!

Now, a conclusion of my reflections of the day.

The dynamic of the day was completely different than last year.  Three of the seven pastors lost their father since last year.  Each of the three men spoke about this loss.  Pastor Judah and Pastor Jud spoke about their losses more.  It was very moving to see these men cry on stage in front of hundreds of people.  It reminded me that it is okay to still be upset about the loss.

I don't remember who, but one of them talked about still picking up the phone to call their father.  I want to call Philip all the time.  I feel him everywhere.  Every time I see a black blazer, I wish it was him.  I consider planning a trip to Aiken, to see him... and remember he won't be there.  I am grateful for these three men, reminding me that it is okay to still be sad.

The most moving, memorable, touching message to me was Pastor Judah Smiths.  He changed my perspective on the loss of Philip.  I had begun to question God's judgement in letting Philip pass.  But, Pastor Judah reminded me that He is the promiser.  He is the one who took Philip home.  And home for Philip is much better than a quaint house in the woods of Montmorenci. 

It was an amazing day.  I hope you have been able to learn something through my notes.  I apologize for taking so long to get them up.

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  1. Your notes on NLC 2011 are excellent.

    I read them all.

    My favorite was the advice from Pastor Mark on marriage. Being friends and making face time with your spouse. Very helpful. Thank you for sharing.

    Elevation Church is fortunate to have someone as committed and diligent as yourself on their leadership team.