Saturday, December 24, 2011

Code Orange Christmas Pt. 2

I hope that you got your tickets for Code Orange Christmas!  Elevation Church is seriously the most amazing church to be at.  Because Pastor Steven only preaches what the Lord tells him to preach, each message is uniquely individualized to your situation.  Every week I walk out of there with at least one take away, one little nugget that was perfect for where I was that day. 

This Christmas worship experience was no different.  Pastor Steven titled this Christmas Code Orange Christmas to signify the urgency of having Christ in your life.  Living with Christ in your life is not a decision you should wait to have. 

Pastor Steven's father, L-Train has been very sick.  Several weeks ago, he was diagnosed with ALS (more popularly known as Lou Gehrig's disease).  He will be given one to three years to live.  Pastor Steven shared this and the story of his father in detail this Christmas.  Pastor Steven had the privilege of praying with his father when he accepted Christ over 5 years ago.  Pastor Steven talks about how his father would be hopeless if he hadn't brought Christ into his life.  But, he knows now that he is part of an everlasting Kingdom and is not going to be brought down by the diagnoses of ALS.

Once again, I was balling by the end of the worship experience.  Not because I know someone dying of ALS, or because I need to bring Christ into my life.  I had tears rolling down my face because Pastor talks about death on a personal level.  This Christmas, a holiday that is spent with family, my family will not be coming together for one meal. 

I am terrified to think that Christmas' will be forever spent separately because Philip isn't here.  I always knew that he brought us together for Christmas, and made Christmas what it was, but I never would have thought that without him, my family would not spend Christmas together.

Christmas is my second favorite holiday.  This year I am surrounded by the thought that I could possibly be spending Christmas day by myself.  My mom, dad and youngest brother will be spending Christmas dinner with my moms friend.  My grandma and middle brother will be enjoying Ruby Tuesdays as a Christmas dinner today and attending church in Aiken tomorrow.  Where does that leave Keirstin? 

By the end of today I will have spent over 14 hours at Elevation Church volunteering over three days.  The thought of driving to Aiken to spend Christmas with my grandma, who needs family most right now, doesn't not thrill me.  But, it is what is right.  But, if I drive to Aiken, that means I do not get to see my mom, dad and youngest brother on Christmas. 

Either way, I will not be spending Christmas with my entire family and the thought of that is foreign. 

Sadly, this year I am ready for December 26th and the mystery of how to do Christmas with Philip will be over.  We will have survived our first of many Christmas without Philip.

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