Saturday, December 17, 2011

Code Orange Christmas

The Elevation Rock Hill Middle School Girls eGroup would like to invite you to Elevation Church this Christmas.

As always this is a ticketed event... Best part about this ticketed event?  The tickets are free!  You don't have to pay anything for the tickets.

Elevation does events like Christmas ticketed so that we can make sure everyone has a seat.  When the auditorium is full at a location, there will no longer be a ticket available.  Isn't that great?  With your ticket you are guaranteed a seat at the Code Orange Christmas worship experience.

So, where can you find a ticket?  Take a look at the picture.

Getting a ticket is easy.  Follow the following steps.
1. Click here.
2. Where would you like to attend the worship experience?  Select that campus.
3. Select a worship experience time and the quantity of tickets you will need.  No tickets are needed for children from 6 weeks to 5th grade.  They should attend eKidz.
4. Print your tickets and take them to Elevation with you when you attend next week.

I am so thankful to attend a church that has six locations and thirty worship experience's over Christmas.  Think of how many  more people Elevation can reach with six locations and thirty worship experiences.

Leading up to the worship experience, take some time to pray for Pastor Steven.  The devil will do all that he can to get into Pastor Steven's head before the worship experiences.  Pray that Pastor Steven has audacity to preach a message that will change hundreds of lives.  Pray that Pastor Steven and the Furtick family will be well.  Pray that nothing stop Pastor Steven from preaching the message that the Lord has given him.

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