Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sermon Sunday

Waiting Room Trailer
Waiting Room Week One
Turning Your Waiting Room into a Working Rooming

This weekend, Holly Furtick opened Elevation Church's new series with an amazing sermon on how to turn your waiting room into a working room.  We all have to endure waiting rooms, literally and figuratively.  Neither of them are enjoyable, but if we learn how to turn them into a working room and glorify God with that time, then it'll be easier.

1. Bypass the urge to complain and fill the situation with praise.
      Paul and Silas did not complain, plea their innocence or plan out what was next while they were
         in jail.

2. Preoccupy yourself with fulfilling God's purpose instead of escaping your problem.
      Sometimes you get in a waiting room so God can re-route you.

3. We need to embrace the fact that our detours are often God's destination. 
      Open your eyes to see what God is doing today!

Love what you just read? Want to hear more?  The entire message can be found for free at 12:00, 4:00 and 8:00 (AM & PM) here, or you can download the podcast for free later this week!

Pinned ImagePersonal Reflection:  Another amazing sermon at Elevation in the books!  I walked in with high expectations for this series and did not leave disappointed!  I am excited about this entire series, because like I am in a figurative waiting room.  I am waiting on a husband.  I want to be married more than anything right now... Just waiting on God to bring him into my life.  But, there is so much more I can be doing with my time right now than sitting around waiting.  I am going to make my waiting room a work room!
I can make my waiting room a work room by preparing myself to be the best wife for my husband.  I must learn how to cook and get better at cleaning.  I need to finish school.  There is plenty I can do in this work room!
What are you waiting on?  How can you turn your waiting room into a work room?

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  1. Praise God from who all blessings flow! I was truly blessed by this piece. Thank you so much for sharing it. May God continue to bless and keep you.