Monday, April 30, 2012

Reflection Friday

Reflection Friday on Monday.  Forgive me?

If you are new to .Redeemed., I lead a middle school girls eGroup Thursday evenings with the girls is one of my favorite parts of the week. They are an amazing group of girls and they teach me as much as I teach them.

Icebreaker: What does your family look like?

Discussion Highlights: This week, we discussed Bishop TD Jakes sermon and chapter twelve of when God writes your love story. This chapter is titled "The Secret to Winning a Heart".

- Who do you need to be forgiving?

- How can you begin to serve your family?

- How can you step into the lives of those in your family to better relate to them?

Closing: We closed by the event that we were volunteering at together on Saturday.  In prayer, we asked God to show us how to be more like Him and give us opportunities to serve our families.

During the Week: We volunteered at an event on Saturday for the Autism Foundation of the Carolinas.  We will be reading chapter thirteen during the week.

Next Week: We will discuss chapter thirteen during eGroup next week.

Pinned ImagePersonal Reflection: I could not pass up the opportunity to discuss forgiveness one more time.  I mean, only God could plan that out.  We discussed forgiveness in eGroup and Bishop Jakes preached on forgiveness all in the same week?  God needed us to talk about forgiveness!!  We had a great conversation about forgiveness and how to serve those in our family.

Personal Highlight: Last week, we had a new girl.  This week, she came back!  I love it when they come back.  I am excited to have her in our group.  It is going to be a blast.

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