Friday, April 20, 2012

Reflection Friday

If you are new to .Redeemed., I lead a middle school girls eGroup. Thursday evenings with the girls is one of my favorite parts of the week. They are an amazing group of girls and they teach me as much as I teach them.

Icebreaker: When was a time you were embarressed by your family? Where are you from? (It was a welcomed changed to my planned icebreaker!)

Discussion Highlights: This week, we discussed chapter eleven of when God writes your love story. This chapter is titled "Home Sweet Home".

- How does your family define who you are?

- How can we become more Chirst like to our family?

- What steps can we take to forgive the people who we need to forgive in our lives?

Closing: We closed by discussing the people in our lives who we need to forgive and how to handle those situations when they aren't easy.  We prayed and asked God to make us more like Christ this week.

During the Week: The girls are having a spring sleepover at one of the girls house tomorrow evening.  We will be reading chapter twelvefrom when God writes your love story.

Next Week: We will discuss chapter twelve during eGroup next week.

Personal Reflection: We spent a majority of our time discussing forgiveness.  This was not where I had planned for the majority of our time to be spent, but God had a different plan and I would much prefer we follow His plan four our discussion.  The girls discussed some difficult scenarios where they need to fogive someone, but aren't sure how.  Together, we worked through some of these issues.

Pinned ImagePersonal Highlight: I am overwhelmed by God's goodness every Thursday.  So, I sent out a mass text about an hour before eGroup to see who was coming.  No one responded to say they were coming.  On my drive to eGroup, three girls texted to say they would not be coming.  I had a decision to make quickly - to get bummed about this, or see it as God's plan.  I immediently asked God to let me see His plan through this.  I envisioned a night of me and the girl who hosts eGroup talking. (I wouldn't have minded this at all, just wasn't in my plans.)  As soon as I got to eGroup, two of the three girls texted to say they would be coming!  One even brought a friend!


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