Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Re-Cap

My long weekend went about like this...

Picture taken by the Schultzes

Thursday - I had the entire day off!  This made me beyond excited.  I had huge hopes for the day; sleep in, lounge around in pajamas doing homework all morning, have a nap, have dinner with my amazing eGroup co-leader, Sarah, and end the evening off with a powerful Easter edition of eGroup.  Sadly, a majority of those things did not happen. 

Instead, the day went more like this... "Slept in" until 8:30, couldn't focus on homework per the terribly long to do list before family arrived for Easter, did laundry, swept and mopped the house, did a little homework, went to my room to take a nap, checked email before falling asleep and had five emails from the eKidz director at Uptown, (obviously) I couldn't sleep, replied to emails and did what I was asked to do, rushed to get ready for dinner, had an enjoyable time catching up with Sarah, and a successful eGroup.

Friday - I woke up at 5:30, to go on the last prayer walk for Seven Mile Miracle at the Matthews campus.  I went to work to feed the families cat, went to get coffee with my roommate, and got my hair done.  My grandma and middle brother came over after.  We went to Trio's for dinner before church.  We went to Elevation Blakeney at 7:00 for the Seven Mile Miracle Easter worship experience.  What a creative, amazing, powerful worship experience it was.  Details up later this week!

<<< Don't you love the before and afters?  I am so in love with my new do!  How about you??  Yes, I have pink highlights!

Saturday - I started the morning off with an AMAZING Easter basket from my family!  We went to Terrace Cafe for Easter brunch.  After brunch, I went to Elevation Uptown for day two of Seven Mile Miracle.  We had two worship experiences and it was amazing!

Pretty fabulous Easter basket, right?  I got an iPod!! >>>

Sunday - I woke up and started the day with a facebook message from a girl who has thought about coming to my eGroup for a while, telling me that her and another girl in the eGroup accepted Christ the night before!  She said she will start making eGroup a priority so she can learn more about God!  I went to Elevation Uptown for the last day of Seven Mile Miracle.  What an amazing morning it was.  At the 11:00 worship experience, we had a full auditorium and overflow! 

After church, I had a paper to right, but was exhausted.  I took a two and a half hour nap, went to dinner with my roommate and wrote the paper before 10:30.

I had an amazing weekend! I loved spending every moment I had from Thursday to Sunday serving the Lord.  I couldn't imagine spending my time in any better way.  I love seeing people go into the worship experience one way, and coming out another.  Seeing entire families accpet Christ together, seeing parents pick up their children from eKidz with new Bible's in their hands, all sights that make the long hours, sore feet and sleep deprivation well worth it! 

What did you do this weekend?

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