Friday, January 6, 2012

Reflection Friday Pt. 1

Happy Friday!  Before I share with you the amazing things that five amazing middle schoolers and I discussed yesterday, let me share a bit about our eGroup (Elevation Church's name for small groups or community groups). 

Nearly a year ago, I knew I had plans of leading an eGroup.  I wanted to make sure that my plans were really me living out His plans.  I spent many hours in prayer about the eGroup.  First, I asked God where He wanted me to lead the eGroup.  He kept revealing Rock Hill to me.  It made no sense to me at the time, but I said okay!  Next, I began to ask Him what kind of group He wanted me to lead; book study, Bible study, sermon series... My best friend, brought the book when God writes your love story to me.  I loved it.  I knew He wanted me to do a book study on this book.  Finally, I went to Him and asked what the dynamic of the group was supposed to be; high school girls, college girls, college girls and boys... I felt as if I never heard from Him in this area.  Middle school was never an option. 

The week of the student eGroup launch for the fall semester, I was committing to lead a college girls eGroup.  This is where my comfort zone.  Shouldn't I have learned by now that God doesn't like it when I am in my comfort zone?  That week, the Student eGroup Pastor emailed me and asked me to lead the Rock Hill middle school girls eGroup. 

And, that is how it came to be.

Last semester I lead the group.  We grew to seven girls attending regularly in three weeks.  The momentum was increadible!  The girls come from three different schools, and the way they act together you would think that they saw each other every day and had been friends their whole lives.  They are so loving and accepting of each other.  These are the greatest middle schoolers I have ever seen.  I never had a friend like they are to each other when I was in middle school!   

This semester, I will be co-leading the eGroup with Sarah.  I met her in the eGroup that I attend.  She is one of the most knowledgeable, well rounded, sweet Christians that I have ever met.  I knew she would be a great addition to the team.

Each week, we discuss part of when God writes your love story.  These girls are going to change the world.  They each get the book, and what it is saying and desire to grow closer to God in every way possible.  I love it!  I love them!  We never get through more than half of a chapter each week.  That is okay!  We spend a lot of time asking questions and discussing the chapter in detail.  We may spend a "bit" of time laughing together, too...

So, there is the back story on the Rock Hill Middle School Girls eGroup.  We call our selves FOG.  FOG stands for Follwers of God.  They came up with the name themselves after a series that Pastor Steven did on walking in the FOG, Favor of God.  We are Followers of God who walk in the Favor of God.

Tomorrow, I will share part two of Reflection Friday. 

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