Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I know that in some way or another, everyone will be able to relate to what I am dealing with.

I have talked about this several times. I am very unhappy in my work situation. My boss is inconsiderate and rude to the staff, my children are bored in my classroom (and there is nothing I can do about that), my co-workers are not the best influence on me, and I am not spritually, mentally or emotionally fufilled in my position.

I was emailing my eGroup leader about this. I was asking her for prayers. Her response has kept me thinking.

I have found that often in my walk that God doesn't take me to the next place until He's found me faithful in the first place. I am not saying you aren't being faithful but this may be a stretch of your character right now.

I am continually asking myself what I need to do to show God that I am faithful in my situation. I feel as if I am being faithful. I have yet to loose faith that He will bring me a job that I will be spritiually, mentally and emotionally fufilled. I have yet to doubt that God will pull me out of this. I continue to go into work every day with hope that something will be different.

I am praying that God show me what I need to be doing differently in this situation, as well as give me strength to do what I need to do!! I know God is with me in this. I have no doubt there!!

So, to you... you are unhappy in an area of your life. What is that area? What do you think you need to do differently to show God that you are faithful where you are? God can't take you somewhere else until you have finished doing what God has called you to do where you are at.

Love you!

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