Thursday, January 6, 2011

New eGroup

God is so good. I wanted to write really quick about my new eGroup.

It was amazing. I joined an eGroup for "20-somethings seeking truth". God led me to this group, and I am so thankful for that. The leader is Nicki. She works for Proverbs 31 specifically with She Seeks. She Seeks began when Proverbs 31 realized that there was a huge gap of material between teenage years and married life. In the group she will be using material from the She Seeks website.

This sounds like the perfect fit. There was a small crowd tonight, but she says there will be more coming soon. I am so excited to meet woman in their twenties who attend Elevation and are looking to be fed. I don't have many woman who are my age and believe in the same things I do as friends. I can't wait to become closer to these woman.

I can't wait to learn from Nicki's leadership. I love how she started the group with an ice breaker.

There are outreach projects associated with this project. This was one of my goals for 2011. I can't wait to selflessly serve others in another area in my life.

I am moving, and trying to sell all of my furniture. Well, I have sold everything except kitchen items and my sofa. One of the members of the group Katie, is a counselor for mothers who lose their children because of addiction and are trying to get them back. One of the things these mothers have to do before they can have their children back is have a stable living situation. She is trying to furnish an apartment for one of her clients. She is going to let me know if she still needs a couch or any kitchen items. I am so excited for the opportunity to give them away instead of sell them. God is changing my heart, and I love it!

I am so excited for everything pertaining to this group.

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  1. I am so pumped that you are going to be apart of our group this semester! You are an amazing girl and God has great things ahead for you. :) Can't wait to have a front row seat!!