Saturday, January 29, 2011


Something amazing happened to me this week, and I must give God all the glory for it.

Last April, I moved into a bigger apartment. I was so excited to have more space and not be so cramped. I thought this would help decrease my stress level. Several months after I moved, work cut our hours. I was strapped for money. I continued to tithe, because that is what we are suppose to do. I strongly believe that you can't afford not to tithe. My parents and I looked at my finances, and I should not have been able to pay all of my bills. But, every month everything got paid. It was amazing. Our hours were only suppose to be cut for the summer, but fall rolled around and we never got our hours back. Winter rolled around, and we still had not gotten our hours back. My bills were always paid, but it was stressful to not know how they were going to happen. I began to pray that God would pull me out of that situation. I went to my apartment complex office and told them the situation. They said I could cancel my lease but I would have to give a 60 day notice and pay $817.00. That was not an option for me. I was getting out of my lease because I had no money. I couldn't pull $817.00 out of my behind!! I began to explore the option of subleasing. It took over a month to find someone to sublease.

Finally, I found someone to sublease my apartment. I was able to move into a house with three other girls. Rent and utilities total to about $400. I was paying $545 for just rent before!! This is increadible. I began praying to God about what I could do with this extra money.

Pastor's sermon was right to me. I have always tithed, but it spoke to me in another way. I could give more now!! How exciting!!!! Right after last weeks sermon, I rushed home. I turned on my computer and began to look at where I spend money, how I could better budget my money, how I could increase my regular giving, and how much I could give to the expansion pledge. Anyone who knew me before Elevation, knows how this is a sign of true change.

When evaluating my money, I decided to tithe off of an 80 hour check, not the random hours I've been getting with cut hours. This was going to be my way of showing God I still had faith in Him in this situation. I wanted to show God that I still believed that He had a job for me that would be more stable, more emotionally, spiritually and intellectually and fulfilling.

Keep in mind, as you read on. This was last weekend. I got paid yesterday. So all the budgeting I did was for February. I had not actually tithed off of an 80 hour check.

Guess what happened this week? We got word that we would be getting our hours back. Everyone is back to a 40 hour week. How amazing is that? All I had to do was put it on paper and show God that I had faith in Him. I have given God all of the praise for this. I take no credit. He is an awesome God.

This story applies to everyone. Are you giving God all you can give Him? Keep in mind that He gave it all to you to begin with. Have faith that you will get a job. Have faith that your dream job will hire you. Have faith that the Lord is with you. Never let your faith slip away. Lean on God, no matter how hard this situation is. God is always good. He will always be with you, you just have to let Him be there.

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